Zeolith® drying (Ζεόλιθος στα πλυντήρια πιάτων)

To make all of our appliances as efficient as possible, our engineers draw inspiration from nature. With the new Zeolith® drying process in the new generation of speedMatic dishwashers, they have once again created a world’s first that no competitor can match. The mineral is invisible in the appliance, but the benefits are unmistakable. This is due to the properties of this natural mineral, which absorbs moisture and transforms it into heat energy, to dry your dishes exceptionally quickly and energy-efficiently.

Energy efficiency A+++

Siemens speedMatic dishwashers is clearly the efficient choice of dishwashers providing excellent energy and water savings. It saves up to 40 %* less energy as compared to the qualifying rate of Energy Efficiency class A

* 37% more efficient (0.67 kWh/ 13 place settings) for the SN26V893EU than the qualifying rate (1.07 kWh/ 13 place settings) for energy efficiency class A.


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